Tokha to be developed as major tourist destination

13th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: Tokha Culture and Conservation Forum have urged to develop Tokha as one of the major tourist destination. Tokha holds historical, cultural, traditional importance so it should be developed and promoted properly.

In the program organized by Tokha Culture and Conservation Forum, Vice Prime Minister, Ishwar Pokharel said that we all should be united to develop Tokha while announcing the plans and policies to develop Tokha region. We should make proper plans to develop Tokha as one of the major destinations, he added. Satyamohan Joshi said that Tokha holds cultural diversity from Mechi - Mahakali and it plays a great role in developing the culture.

Chief of Tokha Municipality said that they have made various agendas regarding the development of Tokha and In 24th June Tokha was declared as conservation area and It is going to be developed as Sample Municipality.Managing Director of Archaelogy Department, Bhesnarayan Dahal said that the trmples of the Tokha region should be re constructed. Tokha have several temples such as Pingadh, Narayan, Silastambha, Ganesh, Bhimsen, Sankaa, Chandeshwori, Matheshwor and other.

He also said that Tokha is still lagging behind due to the lack of promotion. Tokha is also famous for Kumari House so it should be promoted and conserved. Also he will be helping for the reconstruction of Tokha.