Topi Diwas (Photo Feature)

1st Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

The 7th Dhaka Topi Diwas  (Nepali Cap Day) is being observed across the country Wednesday.  Jagaruk Youth Abhiyan celebrated the 7th Nepali Topi Day under the slogan, "Nepali Topi: Our Pride, Our Identity".

Youths gathered at Maitighar Mandala today, the first day of the English New Year, and marked the day as in the previous years, continuing the tradition. The youths also organised morning rally from Maitighar Mandala to New Baneshwor. The Abhiyan started celebrate the 'Topi Day' since 2070 BS for the protection of Nepali original attire.

The Abhiyan has been celebrating Nepali Topi Day demanding Nepali Topi (Dhaka Topi, Bhadgaule Topi) should be declared as the national identity after the then government removed Daura Suruwal, Topi and Gunyu Cholo from the list of national dress.

The youths donning Daura Suruwal and Dhaka Topi stressed the need of protecting national dress, demanding recognition to Dhaka topi as national identity.