Tourism activities in Chitwan dives down because of fragile road condition

11th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHARATPUR, August 11: Chitwan, the tourist destination of Nepal faced a set back because of the 2015's earthquake and the trade embargo by India the same year and now the fragile road condition along Narayangarh- Muglin again has dipped the tourist flow.

The tourist entrepreneurs here have expected a surge in the tourist flow this year but now they are crunched down.

"After the earthquake the tourism business here dived down. In the fiscal year of 2073/74 One Hundred 39 Thousand One Hundred and 25 tourists came to visit Chitwan National Park. Out of them 36 Thousand 56 were Nepali, 15 Thousand 8 Hundred and 79 were SAARC citizens and 87 Thousand One Hundred and 90 were foreigners," Nurendra Aryal, Information Officer of the National Park said.

In the last fiscal year 200 Million rupees was collected as revenue previously it stood at 110 millions rupees. Now with the difficulties in traveling with the bumpy road tourists has started cancelling their bookings and are diverting their visits.