Tourism and Anti- Drug Campaign through biker ride

5th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 05: A group of 20 bikers are set to go on a trip from Kathmandu to Lo Manthang in an bid to promote tourism of Nepal as well as to spread awareness about the use of narcotics.

The Royal Enfielders Hub has come forward with the idea of going to the tour which has the motto of “Sharing road, brotherhood, equality and humanity.”

“Our team of 10 bikers will flag off for the campaign from August 18 who will be joined by other 10 bikers on the second day .i.e. 19th of August,” President of the organizing club Chandra Hang Bokkhim said.

As per the plans a group of 10 bikers will stay in Beni on the first day (18, August) of the campaign where another 10 other bikers will join and the team will move on to Kagbeni on the 19th of the August.

The team head for  Lo Manthang on the 3rd day of the campaign i.e. 20th August .

The team will then tour the place for a whole day (4th Day) and will go to Muktinath and Jomsom on the 5th Day, 22 August and the team will return back to Pokhara on the 6th day of the trip .i.e. on 23rd of the August.

The team which joined the team of 10 riders from Kathmandu will tear there and the previous number of 10 bikers will return back to Kathmandu on 25th August completing the 8 day promotional event.

Tourismmail will be the media partner for the campaign and Supported By Nepal Yatra and RNRC(Re-Unity Nepal Rehabilitation centre ).