Tourism associations submit five-point petition to Kathmandu Metropolitan Office

14th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 14: Tourism Associations NATTA, TAAN, HAN, NARA, NMA and SOTTO have submitted a five point petition to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Bagdurbar, Kathmandu. Delegates from the respective associations met Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mr. Bidya Sundar Shakya and handed over the petition on, August 10.

A major request included in the petition was that the Metropolitan Office should only collect local municipality tax from the current Fiscal Year 2075/76 from the tourism trade.

However, on the urging of the associations in the meeting, Mr. Shakya informed that from now onwards the tax will be collected only from the fiscal year 2072/73. The pledge also requested on collecting equal amount of tax in all the tourism trades, especially for IATA and Non-IATA agents. As currently the amount of submitting tax is distinct for IATA and Non-IATA agents. Likewise, other petitions included: entry fee raised in tourist areas are relatively costly and the raised cost to be utilized for the maintenance of the designated sector; entry fee in tourist area should be valid for some period of time that ease tourists to reenter in the area. In addition, the other point included that only licensed tour guide should be authorized to give service.

The petition was signed by Presidents of six associations pleading all demands to be taken into consideration as soon as possible, making in top priority. Meanwhile, Mayor Shakya expressed his support to the petitions submitted and assured for considerations towards it.

The delegation of the associations led by NATTA was represented by NATTA officials; President Mr. CN Pandey, 2nd VP Mrs. Sangita Jirel Bade and Secretary General Mr. Ramesh Thapa and Executives from other associations.