Tourism Development Project established in State No. 3

11th Nov, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

HETAUDA, Nov 11:Tourism development Project has been established by State No. 3 for the tourism development, expansion and conservation of that area. The office of the project is placed in the temporary capital of the state, ie. Hetauda.

The project has been formed under the Ministry of Industry, tourism, forest and environment. There is the seat of 15 employees in the project but there are only 4 employees in the project for now. This project has been established in order to identify new destinations and have gathered altogether budget of 1 billion rupees with the help of Federal and State government.

As there is no such tourism related organizations in State No. 3 all the responsibilities of the organizations is given to the project. The project has been working to cooperate with the Archeology Department, National Park, forest department, and other organizations under the federal government.