Tourism entrepreneurs in Bardiya urges government to provide relief

27th Jun, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

BARDIYA,  June 27: Bardiya National Park, a tourist destination in western Nepal, is now deserted. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the region, which is full of natural beauty and wildlife, has reached zero tourists. The tourism industry has collapsed after tourists stopped coming.

Tourism entrepreneurs in Bardiya are worried about the ongoing current scenario. The tourist area of ​​Thakurdwara has been closed for three months. The condition of the forest area inside the park is similar. Hotel and resort  are also  closed and the employee has been given home leave. Ramji Thapa, the Manager of Bardia Rhino Camp Resort in Thakurdwara, said, "We hoteliers have collapsed badly. In a period of three months, the turnover was around Rs 2 million. After the lockdown, when the business is stopped, the income is also zero. "

 He also mentioned that there will not be any tourist arrival for 1 and half year and also they have to pay loan of 1.5 million rupees. He said that the banks are also increasing the interest rates which is leading them to problems like financial burden and mental stress. He said that the government should address the problem of tourism entrepreneurs by formulating a policy on tourism. 

Entrepreneurs say that even if the installment period is extended by reducing the bank's interest rate, there will be relief. At present, the situation of tourism entrepreneurs across the country is similar. Tourist destinations are deserted due to the lack of tourist. Entrepreneurs demand that the state should bring relief package in a policy manner to boost the morale of tourism entrepreneurs.

There are 28 tourist hotels in the Thakurdwara, a natural destination of Bardiya. Hotels opened with an investment of crores targeting the tourism year 2020 are also in a state of being collapsed at the moment. Mohanlal Chaudhary, operator of Tharu Home and Chairman of Tourism Development Forum Bardiya, says that about Rs 7 billion has been invested in the tourism sector of Bardiya.

Hotels including Babai Resort, Gundrak and Bardiya Royal Adventure, which have been added with an investment of crores targeted for the year of visit, are in crisis.  Entrepreneurs have demanded to reduce the fee added to the park. It can attract tourists to visit the park. Entrepreneurs say that there is no way to pay the interest taken for investment. He said that the government should make arrangements to reduce the interest rate.