Tourism in Illam suffers due to lack of immigration center

23rd Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

ILAM, Jan 23: External tourists have experienced problems due to lack of immigration center in boarder of Pashupatinagar, Ilam. External tourists have encountered problems as tourists cannot get permission letter. The tourists from Bangladesh and other countries are compelled to reach Kakarbhitta situated in Jhapa to gain permission to enter Nepal. This permission is not made for the tourists entering Nepal from India, but the tourists from other countries need to take this license to enter Nepal.

[caption id="attachment_2297" align="alignnone" width="800"] There is a great scope for tourism in Ilam but as the tourists are compelled to reach Kakarbhitta, the tourists entering Nepal from Pashupatinagar said that Nepali and Indian tourists have problems with the absence of the immigration center at Pashupatinagar border. Notable numbers of internal as well as external tourists visits the tourism area of Ilam but the tourists entering Nepal from eastern Nepal have to reach Kakarbhitta of Jhapa to complete their works. Due to this problem, most of the tourists do not visit Ilam, said tourism entrepreneurs.  [/caption]

Bangladeshi tourism entrepreneur, Binod Gupta from Siliguri said that this type of problem should be solved as soon as possible. Though the officials from Indian side have initiated to establish an office, the government of Nepal has not given any response to it. According to the President of Tourism Entrepreneurs and Hotel Association, Devi Poudel, Ilam, “If the tourists get permission letter for the entrance there is the possibility of huge amount of tourists visiting Ilam. In spite of presenting this issue in front of government, government officials have not paid their attention towards this issue. Thus, immigration center should be established in Pashupatinagar as soon as possible."