Tourism in Nepal

11th Sep, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

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Nepal is a beautiful country is the world. With its natural beauty spreading across rivers lake,  hills, mountains and other socio cultural diversity , Nepal has become one of the fascinating natural destination for many visitors .the most exciting is a beauty of mount Everest  which is the highest mountain in the world in the northern part of Nepal with a total height of 8,848m from sea level. Another most exciting fact about Nepal is that it is the birth place of the lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Likewise the temple of pashupatinath, one of the holy places of Hindu is located in Kathmandu of Nepal.

Tourism is the movement or travel of people from one place to another; whether it is within their own country or to other countries, for pleaser, business, pilgrimage and other p purpose .the evolution of tourism dates back ancient times. In Nepal, tourism, despite having a long history began to develop since 1950s only. The recent trend of tourists, arrival in Nepal seems satisfactory. However, from the perspective of tourism based resources and its availability in the country seems rather pessimistic. We need to utilize available resources properly and beneficially. For this, there is a need of dynamic and tourism friendly policy and joint effort of the government and the private sector as well.

Travelling is one effective way to see the world, experience new cultures and meet new people at the same time,. For many tourists, however , travelling could also be for any purpose other them many  other proposes that don’t have to enjoy the pleasure of visiting a new tourism  that explain why tourists choose a particular destination. So mostly people come to visit Nepal for following purposes:

  • Recreation
  • Cultural tourism
  • Pleaser tourism
  • Religious tourism
  • Sports tourism
  • Adventure tourism etc,

Nepal is a country with many natural resources however there is not enough physical infrastructure and other facilities in Nepal visitors especially comes to Nepal for adventure, paragliding, rafting in rivers, mountain biking jungle safari and kayak, it is very good to do jungle safari in forests in terai region especially Chitwan national park and Bardiya national park are well recognized for the jungle safari,

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The tourism industry creates jobs in many different area like hotels, restaurants car rental agencies tour companies service ,stations  souvenir shops sports erumpent rentals, and much more .all of this creates many different levels of employment for people in a given community .so we have to focus mainly o0n the following things for the development of tourism in Nepal.

  • Identifying and developing the new destinations
  • Expansion of home stay program
  • Reconstruction of valued heritages and archaeological properties
  • Providing the peace and security
  • Promoting the local industries related to tourism
  • Educating all people about tourist hospitality

For the rapid development of tourism , governmental and non-governmental agencies are equally involved in Nepal .It government level, ministry of culture, tourism and civil  Aviation, Nepal tourism board, Nepal airlines corporation civil aviation authority of Nepal etc are responsible to promote tourism nationally and internationally likewise hotel association of Nepal (HAN), trekking agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents(NATTA) ,Pacified Travel Association, (PATA) Nepal etc are active in promoting Nepal’s tourism.

Although Nepal has lots of potentialities to  enhance tourism sectors in Nepal, the socio- economic and political transition in the nation is affecting the whole sectors including tourism as well as a result the country is unable to produce better vision about how to attract many tourists and how to plough back the money generated from tourism in development sector for that government has to give priority to work together with general people so that importance of tourism can also be realized at the grass root level.

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Recently the government of Nepal has announced the budget for fiscal year 2073/2074. Government of Nepal has highly emphasized to promote tourism in this budget. Development of tourisms  the main problem that we have been facing is the lack of sufficient aircraft to enhance the tourist activities in Nepal the budget speech has committed to purchase two wide body aircraft  for Nepal airlines this provision has obviously generated immense satisfaction to all involved in tourism industry.

Source: Aakash Bhairav (Nepal Airlines yearly  Journal Book )