Tourism Information Bureau established in Gufabazaar

2nd Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

TEHRATHUM, Jan 02: Tehrathum, the capital of Gurash situated in the eastern hills now has the facility of getting all its information in one place. A Tourism Information Bureau has been established in Sankhuwasabha’s Chainpur’s Gufabazar which will create ease to the domestic as well as the international tourist for gaining information about the concerned areas.

Tehrathum a famous tourism destination with popular locations like Tinure, Milke and Jaljale. The centre should have been operated under the government but according to locals, the government had underestimated this issue for too long so the youths formed the bureau and are operating it by themselves with the organization named as "Tinjare Milke Jaljale Tourism Promotional Centre". The president of the Information Bureau Mr Kedarnath Limbu informed that Tiamaje has as many as 27 types of roses only in one of its forest so for the tourism and business promotion the Information Bureau has been operated. He also added that this place is the meeting point of Tehrathum, Sankhuwasabha and Tapelejung where one can explore Himalayan range like Mt.Kanchajunga and Mt.Makalu as well as raft in Tamour river. So promoting and provide basic information to all types of tourists regarding the Tiamaje area is the main goal of establishing this Information Bureau.

The organization "Nepal Gramin Puna Sanstha" have also helped the youths for the establishment of this information centre. The Head of Tiamaje Tourism Promotional Centre Mr Santosh Limbu said the organization’s help and support allowed them to build their building’s infrastructure and they have started operating the bureau by  managing the primary phase information. He also added that the place is known worldwide as the "Capital of rose" and their main aim is to provide all the information related to the place to the tourists.