Tourism Promotion: From Brochure to Digital Marketing

1st Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 01 : The advent and the access of the internet have narrowed the distance between the people and have brought them under one roof. With the progress and reformations in the internet facility the use of Social Networking sites has enabled the people to get update over various subject matters in no time.

Nepal In recent years also has adopted the same sort of technique and technologies for the tourism promotion. Previously, it use to organize fairs and gatherings in various cities and invite the people but this has decreased significantly.

Adjusting with the latest technological developments the main promotional body of the Nepali tourism sector, the Nepal Tourism Board also has adopted the trend. The tourists who come on visit to Nepal also gather the information about various places making application of Google, social sites and other websites.

“Tourism board is heading towards paperless marketing and has been focusing over it,” NTB’s Senior Officer Sudan Subedi said.

“In present days we and the companies are keeping update on the websites with the introduction of various packages and also are spreading the message over it in the Social Networking Sites too,” Subedi added.

The inter-personal communication is seen less effective in comparison with the campaign over the digital and the electoral communication means. Upon understanding the cause and effect over the audience the NTB has now shifted its focus to the electronic means, informed officer Subedi.

NTB now is in attempt to reach to the target audience through the means of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Viber, Google Plus and others.

“Digital Marketing is our first and foremost target. We cannot follow the traditional format of marketing by distributing the paper and the brochure. We must make the application of the electronic means for marketing purpose,” he said.

Apart from the vigorous campaigning over the social sites applications which give information regarding the tourist destinations are also under construction. The NTB has separated an amount of 200 million for the digital marketing solely.