Tourism promotion mediums shifting to social media

18th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 18: The promotional methods of tourism organizations has changed with the change in information technology. Few years back, brochures were printed for service promotion but now the style of promoting through the social network has started with the development of information technology. Following the style, Nepal Tourism Board has also decided to promote Nepal as a tourism destination around the globe using information technology.

By comparing the promotion plans of the past 15 years, senior board member of NTB, Sunil Sharma said, “Previously stickers, brochures, calendars and other materials were printed for the tourism promotion.” Now with the change of technology, the medium has vastly changed. By sitting in a corner, we can communicate throughout the world and there are many users of social networking sites, so to promote tourism in better way international experts are being called to promote tourism through social networking.

Sharma also mentioned that since the past few years, the Board has created its web page in the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and due to this, tourist attraction has also increased. According to him, with digital tourism the number of people participating in tourism fairs has increased. The Board has 6,700 followers on Twitter and 7,114 followers on the Instagram., 68,854 people have followed the Board on Facebook, while YouTube has 740 members.

Nowadays, social networking sites are the medium for connecting peoples around the world. By the use of smart phones, hash tags, groups and images it has helped a lot to promote the beauty of our country. Promoting Nepal through social networking sites is also less costly. The Board has created various web pages like Photo Nepal, Video Nepal, Welcome Nepal and Experience Nepal. The Board is also organizing Photo contest and video contest.