Tourism revenue increasing in Nepal

23rd Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 23: Many promotional activities focused on tourism development have started recently resulting in increase in the number of tourists and tourism revenue in Nepal. According to the report by Nepal Rastra Bank, Nepal has earned about 29 billion 320 million rupees from tourism sector in the first five months of the economic year 2074 (July - December) which is about 30% more compared to the previous economical year's profit.

According to Nepal Rastra Bank’s statistics, in the past year 58 billion 520 million rupees has been earned in tourism revenue. The Nepal Government has aimed to attract more tourism by promoting Nepali tourism in social media. The amount for outbound tourism has also increased in general. The statistics of Rastra Bank shows that in the same period of the current economic year, 30 billion 300 million rupees has gone out to foreign countries. As compared to the outbound expense of the past economical year, the outbound tourism expense has slightly increased in the present economical year.

29 billion 630 million rupees had gone out from outbound tourism in the first five months of the previous economic year. Similarly, in the five months of the economic year before that, 23 billion 630 million had left Nepal from the outbound tourism.