"Tourism sector will be given priority," Kiran Gurung, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Gandaki State

21st May, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, May 21: Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Gandaki state Kiran Gurung has said that the tourism sector will be given priority.


Trekking Agencies Association of TAAN Regional Office ‘Proposed Programs for Tourism Development in the Upcoming Budget during the discussion and he said that tourism sector will be given priority in the forthcoming budget for the development and prosperity of the state.

Minister Gurung said that the budget is increasing for the development of infrastructure, which is indirectly linked to the tourism sector. He said, "Tourism entrepreneurs are in trouble. The situation is the same for everyone including the private sector due to lack of economic mobility,"  he said.


Recalling that Nepal's tourism started with trekking and mountaineering, former president of TAAN, Tikaram Sapkota, said that the state government should pay special attention to the development and expansion of the region. He said that a lot of investment has been made in the tourism sector after the announcement of the tourism year but its protection could not be addressed in case of crisis.

President of TAAN, Hari Bhujel, stressed on the need for special policy and plan from the state government for the development of the region as trekking and mountaineering are the mainstay of tourism in Gandaki. He said that there are three mountains higher than 8,000 in Gandaki Pradesh and expressed confidence that tourism activities in the region would increase if a mandatory rule was made to climb Mardi Ten Peak before climbing Mt. Everest.

First Vice President Sushil Raj Poudel and Joint Secretary Uday Subedi and Treasurer Krishna Acharya stressed on the need to declare 2021 as the year of infrastructure development. He suggested the state government to set up an emergency rescue team in Chhumrung in the upcoming plan for the safety of tourists.