Tourist activity in Ilam increases

16th Oct, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

ILAM, Oct 16: Domestic tourist activity has increased in Ilam. The tourist destinations of Ilam, which has been deserted due to the lockdown, have started attracting more and more domestic tourists. Due to the favorable weather and the opening of the lockdown, the number of domestic tourists visiting Kanyam, Aantu, and Maipokhari has started increasing.

 Tek Raj Giri, a hotelier from Kanyam, said that the number of tourists has increased with the improvement in the weather. According to him, tourists have started coming here to visit the tea plantations, see the scenery of the mountainous region and ride horses, and take pictures dressed in various ethnic costumes.

Homestay is also full of tourists coming to Antu at this time. Homestay entrepreneur Rudra Ghimire said that the service has been started by adopting health safety standards. According to him, arrangements have been made to accommodate tourists in homestays, cottages, and hotels without crowding. The ward office has urged the businessmen and tourists to adopt health standards as the number of tourists has increased in Antu.

Tourist entrepreneurs have become enthusiastic after the number of tourists in Kanyam, Antul, and other places of Suryodaya Municipality started increasing. Now the entrepreneurs are confident that they will be able to repay the bank loan and interest.