Tourist arrival decreases in Ghalegaun

25th Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

LAMJUNG, Jan 25: Tourist decreased has started declining in Ghalegaun due to corona infection. Despite the bustle before the start of the third wave of corona in Ghalegaun, a homestay-run Kwalasothar Gaonpalika-3, tourist arrivals have been low at this time.

According to the Rural Ghalegaun Tourism Development Committee, the risk of the third wave of corona infection, which started ten days ago, has started increasing in Ghalegaun.

According to the committee, out of the 200 to 300 tourists who used to come here daily, now only 40/50 tourists come with difficulty. Housing operators here are worried as tourist arrivals are being halted due to the Corona infection.

Dirgharaj Ghale, a homestay operator in Ghalegaun, said that more than 200 tourists used to come daily even though January and February were not tourist days.

He said that the number of tourists has decreased as the district administration office has issued an order not to hold any program for more than 25 people as the risk of corona infection is increasing.