Tourist arrival increases after the reopening of Namaste stream

15th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: The number of tourists in  has been increasing after its reopening. Namaste stream is situated in Bhedetaar. This stream remained close for a month as one boy died after being hit by the stone.

In 15th June, Bikram Tamang resident of Ithari visited the stream with his family meanwhile after being hit by the stone he got injured and then he died while having treatment in BP koirala memorial hospital. Due to this accident the board member of the stream management committee decided to stop the entrance of the tourists.

The stream is situated in the lap of Hills and terai and is becoming one of the major attractions among tourists. The president of the management eam, Dilip Limbu said that after the death of the boy they were compelled to close the entrance path for the people visiting the stream. In the first day of reopening of the stream, around 2 hundred visitors visited the stream. After those currently around 4 hundred visitors from terai, Darjeeling and Bihar and Nepal visit the stream. Most of the tourists visiting the stream are from India. They visit the stream especially in the month of festivals and during holidays.

The hotels near the stream are also crowded by the entrance of the tourists. We can also see the positive effects in the places like Mulghat, Dharan and other places of Itahari. The management committee of stream has added more security of the stream.