Tourist Arrival on the rise in Langtang National Park

10th Jun, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 10: Tourist arrivals have increased in Langtang National Park. Tourist arrivals to the park have increased due to reduced Covid threat, operation of trekking routes in the park area and less rainfall.

According to the park's statistics, 15,000 tourists have entered the park in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year 2078/9. According to the office, 15,641 tourists have visited the country from July to mid-April of the current fiscal year. Among them are 13,120 Nepalese, 2,388 foreigners and 193 tourists from SAARC countries.

Due to the global spread of Covid-19 the number of tourists decreased for two years. Tourist arrivals dropped to zero as the country struggled to prevent corona infections.

Chief Conservation Officer of the park, Pramod Bhattarai, informed that the number of Nepali and foreign tourists visiting the tourist areas has been increasing recently. Among the tourists who come here, Nepalese tend to spend more than foreigners. Thousands of tourists have come to study and observe the tourist area within the park area. Among the tourists who visit the park, they visit Langtang, Gosaikunda and Tamang Sampada Marg. Few tourists visit the park from July to September.

More tourists have been coming from mid-Kartik to mid-Kartik and from April to late April of every year. Tourists have been visiting the tourist areas of the district for twelve months. However, the park has said that it has been declining for three months due to lack of suitable weather for tourism.

Tourists from Israel, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, USA, Thailand, UK, Korea, Russia, Spain, Uruguay, Singapore and other countries visit the park. Earlier, about 90 percent of the tourists visiting the park used to go to Langtang, but now the number of tourists visiting Gosainkunda has increased.

After coming to the park area, one can see a dozen mountain ranges including Langtang, various ponds including Gosainkunda, historical place Rasuwagadhi, rare red panda of the world, snow leopard and other animals.