Tourist Destination Chhadi Waterfall Facing Trouble

19th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

PALPA, Dec 19: The attractive Chhadi Waterfall, situated in Rampur Municipality of Palpa District at Khatang, is still facing various troubles.

The location, which has much potential for tourism, has been relatively unknown and stays promoted even in the local district due to lack of interest from locals and social workers. The waterfall is over 100 meters tall, presenting many wonders to visitors. The waterfall, situated in Chinte Community Forest, is situated nearby a cave with various religious carvings. However, since there has been no effort to promote the site from any party, it is facing dire obscurity, informed local resident, Surya Darji.

Locals have begun showing an interest in material constructions in the site after locals of Rampur area, school students and teachers began visiting the waterfall and cave area. No such construction has taken place, but the forest itself is slowly recovering after the Consumer Committee of Chinte Community Forest began to preserve the forest.

The carvings and statues in the caves can be freely gazed upon by the by the aid of sunlight. The ceiling of the cave is home to many bats which can be an exciting sight, while another turn takes one through an opening to the 100-meter waterfall. The location presents exotic attractions and is a good place to be with nature.