Tourist destination Sauraha hosts large number of tourists on New Year day

16th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, April 14: The New Year is seeing Chitwan’s famous tourist site Sauraha hosting a large uptick in tourist numbers.

Sauraha used to note such increase in tourist numbers only in the English New Year. However, it has started seeing huge number of tourists on other occasions as well, including the Nepali New Year.

Tourism entrepreneurs report that domestic tourists make up the bulk of visitors. Session break in schools is another reason for rise in the number of visitors in Sauraha.

“Around 90 per cent hotel rooms have been booked now. As the visitors are pouring in, we hope all the rooms will be occupied by this evening,” said Chairperson of the Regional Hotel Association Nepal, Suman Ghimire. He reported that there has been a steady rise in tourist numbers in Sauraha since the past 3 years. “Last year the hotel occupancy was 80%, which has increased this year with around 70% domestic tourists,” he said.

Operator of Hotel Mona Lisa Keshav Khanal has observed almost full booking of his rooms. “This year we’ve witnessed a record 95% room booking, which is very encouraging,” he said, adding tourists from faraway have come to Sauraha to celebrate the New Year Day.