Tourist falls in mud : Will Visit Nepal 2020 be successful?

13th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 13:Tourist fell in the mud while crossing the road in Kathmandu valley. Government has announced year 2020 as tourism year but due to poor infrastructural management we are unable to provide better service to the tourists. Due to heavy rain most of the lands of Kathmandu as well as Bhaktapur valley is filled with water and there is a huge chances of flood and landslide.

Every year government constructs the roads in this monsoon season which results several accidents. Due to heavy rain roads are filled with debris. Banepa, Sanothimi, Cabhil, Bouddha are the mostly affected areas near valley and within valley. Due to overflow of water in Hanumantekhola the areas nearby are badly affected.

Bouddha  Stupa which is listed in UNESCO world heritage site is also effected badly sue to heavy rain. Government is not able to create proper water disposal area due to which the water level rises and causes destruction. If this condition continues in this way it is very hard for us to make year" 2020: VISIT NEPAL" campaign successful.