Tourist flow in Pokhara intact despite the monsoon

8th Jul, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, July 8: Despite the adverse weather conditions the flow of tourists in Lake City of Nepal, Pokhara has remained intact. Previously, the hoteliers and guides in the Lakeside of Pokhara had to search for the meansĀ  to kill their time but this year they are busy serving and welcoming the guests.

They regard this as the effect of their promotional event which they initiated targeting people of Sikkim and other regions. A team of representatives from the hotels in Pokhara toured to Sikkim via the route from Jhapa.

Just after the arrival of team back to Nepal another team has headed for Patna and Lakhnow as well as a group of travel and tour operator is set to head for Bangaladesh and India.