Tourist influx increases in Nepal’s “Bird Paradise”

15th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

ITAHARI, Oct 15 : The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in South- Eastern Nepal is known as the paradise for birds and now it has gained the momentum by attracting tourists towards it. The influx of tourists has increased in the area with the peace that prevails here and the enchanting beauty of the place which is shown by the increasing number of tourists in last 4 years statistics.

A decade ago the number of tourists arriving in the “Bird Paradise” use to witness a large number of tourists influx but the flooding in the area in last decade tore down the dam in the Koshi river entered the human settlement resulting in the fall of tourists arrival along with the number of tourists.

The desertification of the area also resulted in the decreased number of migratory bird arrival in the area which revived by some percentage just after 2 years of the flooding.

The Koshi Tappu is home to a total of 5 hundred 26 species of birds amongst the hundreds indentified over the periods. Now, the tourist birds also have started to arrive in the Wildlife reserve which is also known as the Paradise for birds and Nepal will make the census only in the January.

The number of tourists in the area has increased in the month of June and July with the number recorded to 1 Thousand 4 Hundred and 20. Amongst them only 5 are the foreign nationals. During the fiscal year of 2073-74 the number stood at 11 Thousand 2 Hundred and 52 amongst which 54 are SAARC nationals and 196 are foreigners.

In the 2072-73 fiscal year 9 thousand 2 Hundred and 37 tourists toured the area which stood 8 thousand 7 Hundred and 19 in the fiscal year of 2071-72 and stood at 8 Thousand 4 Hundred and 74 in 2070-71. The Wildlife Reserve covers an area of One Hundred and 75 sq. Kilometers.