Tourist numbers increases greatly in July 2018

19th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 19: International tourist arrivals to Nepal has increased greatly in July.  A total of 73,285 international tourists visited Nepal in July, which is an increase of 73.5% compared to the arrival figures of the same month last year. With this, the arrival figures in January – July period reached 593,299; an overall increase of 18% compared to last year.

Tourist arrivals from India grew by 80.4 % this month in comparison to the figures of same month in 2017. Similarly, the overall arrivals from SAARC countries registered a similar growth of 66.1 % over the same month last year. However, the arrivals from the Bangladesh declined by 9%. Tourists from China have been visiting in increasing numbers, as seen by an unprecedented growth of 125.4% compared to the same month last year. Likewise the visitors from Japan and South Korea to Nepal also increased by 36 % and 21.9 % respectively.

An overall increase of 54.1 % in July has been recorded from European source markets. Arrivals from the UK, Germany and Spain increased by 68.9%, 53.9 % and 41.2 % respectively. However, the arrivals from Austria declined by 72.6 %. Numbers of tourists from Australia and New Zealand have also witnessed growths of 113.9% and 75.2% in July 2018 as compared to the figures of 2017. The numbers of visitors from USA and Canada have also grown by 79.6% and 73.3% respectively.