Tourist Police unit plays vital roles for safe management of tourists and providing relief materials

9th Jun, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 09: During the lockdown period, the Tourist Police Unit, Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, in coordination with the local police, played an important role in safe management of tourists. In coordination with the concerned agencies and organizations, they rescued foreign nationals stranded due to lack of transportation in various parts of Nepal. 

They also helped the foreigners who have been stranded after climbing Mt. Everest to come to Kathmandu. During the lockdown, foreign nationals living in Nepal illegally were also handed over to the Immigration Department for further action with the help of the local police. Tourist police also provided relief materials to the organizations working for the welfare of orphans, mental health, Helpless Elderly Mothers, Fathers and Economically Disadvantaged Children.

British citizen Mr. Benjamen Richard Thomas Robertson with Passport no. 123301998 was found wandering in a state during Covid and disrupting social security. He was sent to Raniban Balaju Human Protection Ashram for protection in coordination with the Metropolitan Police Circle, Public Service on 2078-02-08. After receiving information that he had been harassed, he was handed over to the Immigration Department for necessary action. Similarly, Mr. Shaker Suhel Mohamahd Ibrahim, PP No. P842065 was found creating chaos in the lakeside area by consuming alcohol, he was also handed over to the department and he was fined with rupees 88,310. Also, Jimmy Gyldenkaerne Kristensen (PP.No.206209020), a Danish national who was in Swayambhu was sentenced to prison as the foreign national was found to be living in Nepal illegally without having any documents.

Similarly, dead bodies of French citizen passport no. 08CK04123, Bimboire Bazus Marrc Gerard, American citizen of passport no.642737562 Mr. Puwei liu, Swiss citizen passport no. X4034446 Mr. Abdul Waheed Waraich and American citizen Chirstopher Jon Kolish (PP No. 509651062) was found during the investigation.

Besides that on 2078/01/30, Kathmandu Municipal Corporation Ward no.26 with the help of tourist police, fixed 20 CCTV cameras at the main locations so that the police can monitor the activities in their area and also control the criminal activities. On 2078/02/02 at 08:30 AM, 8 Russian nationals were rescued from Lakeside Pokhara and 77-year-old Australian who was undergoing treatment for corona at CIWEC Hospital Kapurdhara was also assisted by the tourist police.

Tourist Police has also provided food aid to the human service ashram at Raniban and Sunaulo Paila at Gokarneshwor. They provided necessary items including food, cooking gas, and drinking water to the ashram considering the shortage of food in the organization during the Corona pandemic.