Tourists cause controversy by taking nude images at Tilicho

21st Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

Kathmandu, Jan 21: Two tourists have caused controversy by taking nude pictures of themselves at Tilicho Lake. Tilicho Lake is situated in Manang district and is the highest-altitude lake in the world. The nude pictures taken at the lake situated in the Annapurna Conservation Area have become viral in all the social media.

This has resulted in a cultural clash as no tourists are allowed to take such pictures in Nepal. However, the actual country of origin and the identity of the two tourists are still unknown. Tourism entrepreneurs have also objected to this issue.

The tourists were reportedly visiting the Tilicho region without a guide. Similar incidents have been reported time after time in various tourism destinations around the world. Tourists with no regard for preserving the culture and norms of the places they visit often cause such harm, not only to the culture but also to the physical state of the places they visit in the spirit of vandalism.

The government and various tourism associations should pay special attention to these cases and work on formulating and implementing laws that prevent tourists from wandering around on their own in order to prevent such cases from recurring.