Tourists Flow improves in Bhaktapur but problems remain the same

20th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, Nov 20 : Bhaktapur, a beautiful city which has the best preserved palace courtyards and old city center in Nepal and is enlisted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its rich culture , temples, wood, metal and stone artworks is  one of the most visited city by tourists.

The last week of October to the end of December is known as the most visited months by the tourists. That’s why the number of tourist has been increasing day by day.

According to the sources in comparison to other months, November brings large swath of tourists in comparison to other months. According to chief of Bhaktapur Tourism Development Community, Ramsundar Bhele – Most of the tourist who arrive in the month of October and November returns back in December for the Christmas.

Also from the data of Bhaktapur Municipality, the number of tourist has increased in comparison to the last year. It has also mentioned that, last year in the month of   September and October, a total of 11,032 tourist visited Bhaktapur.

But according to this year’s data, in the month of September and October 11,367 tourist visited the place. In September alone, 5,563 tourists arrived from South Asian Countries and China. Likewise, 6839 tourist arrived from the third nations.

According to the chief of Bhaktapur Municipality the number of tourist has increased in October than in September. But, by analyzing the data from the entire counters the total number of tourist hasn’t been confirmed. He said, in the month of November and December most of the tourist visits Bhaktapur.

He also mentioned that, Bhaktapur municipality has been collecting funds from the foreigners. The foreigners from south asia and China pays Rs. 500 likewise, the citizens of third nation pays Rs 1000 or more than that for the entry. To collect funds from the foreigners the local workers has build 14 counters. The collected funds are considered as the main income source of bhaktapur municipality.

The chief of Bhaktapur Municipality- Sunil Prajapati plans to conduct some program this year for the development of tourism industry. He also mentioned that, the tourist spends only 3 to 4 hours in Bhaktapur, that’s why Bhaktapur is laying quite backward in this sector. So, for the attraction of tourist and for the development of tourism in Bhaktapur he has given more priority to overnight/ night stay.

Chief prajapati also said, if tourist stop visiting Bhaktapur then foreign currency of Nepal will decrease. Local marketers explain that the increment of tourist hasn’t effect their business in a positive way. According to them, tourist spend only few hour there that’s why they don’t have any profit in their sales and market. Also, due to irresponsible guidance there has been lost in the markets of Bhaktapur.