Tourists on Trek to Rara initiates clean-up campaign

27th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

MUGU, Nov 27 : The road facility has facilitated the people going up to the Rara Lake in Mugu district but along with it also has brought waste to the area and now the foreign tourists on visit or trek to area has been imitatinga clean-up campaign.

The road linking to the Rara Lake came into full operation from the year of December of 2012 has eased the way for the people to go to the place but the littering behavior of the travelers has been the headache. But a group of tourists who are in visit to the area are now cleaning the area in their own.

“The National Park make the arrangement for the tourists to stay cording a certain area and we cannot see litters in and around their camps because they dump those garbage’s on their own and properly. But the Nepali tourists coming in the area litters around which is increasing pollution In the area,” Owner of the Danfe Hotel, Rara Purna Devi Bom said.

“Though there are pit around the area to manage the waste Nepali’s preference is to litter around. If we collect the dirt’s then it will be hundreds’ of quintal,” She added.

The tourists visiting the area bring the essentials by their own and set up temporary shelters in the area allocated by the local authority and they manage their wastes by their own.

“It is not go to litter around the beautiful lake. The concerned authority also should make some initiation otherwise the condition can worse further. with the increasing pollution,” a Norwegian Tourist Caralonian said.

The clean-up campaign initiators have found polythene bags, Packet of noodles, biscuits, tobaccos and other non-degradable materials on the shore of the lake.