Tourists start to bustle in Chitwan

25th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, August  25: Sauraha, a popular tourist destination, which had seen a sharp decline in the flow of tourists following the recent flood incidents, have started witnessing increase in the number of tourists.

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Of a total 110 hotels in the locality that came across the brunt of inundation the locality following August 13 flood, around half of them have resumed operation, beckoning the visitors, according to Regional Hotel Association President, Suman Ghimire.

Ghimire shared that more than 600 tourists in Sauraha have been locked in due to the flooding. They were later rescued to safer places. Following the incident, tourists influx painted a dismal picture in Sauraha.

"There were very negligible numbers of tourists visiting Sauraha in two weeks following the flood incident," shared Ghimire, adding that lately around 100 tourists have reportedly come to Sauraha on a daily basis.

Hotel entrepreneurs here are of belief that the number of tourists visiting Sauraha would increase by next week.

Flood and inundation incurred loss of property amounting to Rs 150 million to the tourism sector in Sauraha.

The regular recreational activities designed for tourists such as elephant ride, boat and jeep safari have been resumed, according to Regional Hotel Association.