"Tourists staying in Nepal have to return after 15 days of flight resumption," says Ramesh Kumar KC, Director General of Department of Immigration

28th Jul, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 28: The tourists from different counties who are staying in Nepal due to COVID-19 demanded extension of their visas. Foreign tourists from European countries including the United States, Australia, Italy and Uruguay have demanded extension of their visas as they are safe from corona in Nepal and cannot travel to their home country at present.

Martin, one of the tourists from Uruguay, said that he was aware of his rights and duties and wanted to stay in Nepal, considering the current situation. He said, "We are not in favor of hastily returning to our country by chartering flight at high price. As the infection of corona is increasing in our country, we request to extend the visa for those who want to stay in Nepal for some time now." 

Similarly, Roxy Gliano of the United States has requested the Government of Nepal to extend the validity of her visa in Nepal as the terror of Corona is even greater in her country. She came to Nepal for the first time from Los Angeles and is currently living in Pokhara. She said, "I am the representative of many tourists like myself. We consider Nepal very safe at present. In the current situation, we cannot return to our country." She also said that she is currently learning Nepali language and culture.

More than 150 tourists from different countries like Roxy and Martin had to stay in Pokhara due to Corona. The number could be more than one thousand in Nepal. Bikal Tulachan, President of the Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara (HAN Pokhara), said that the foreign tourists should be granted permission to stay in Nepal as long as they want. "," said Tulachan. He said that extending the validity of the 150-day tourist visa would create a conducive environment for them to stay in Nepal, even with a small positive message and economic activities.

On the other hand, Director General of Department of  Immigration , Ramesh Kumar KC  said, "We do not have other option rather than sending them back to their country within 15 days of resumption of  international flights. If the tourists are unable to return, they will be charged with fine as per the law of Nepal government." Till now, Nepal government has not made any special announcement on this issue.