Tourists stimulating towards Fish Farm

23rd Oct, 2016 | Tourism Mail Crew

Dolakha: Jiri, Dolakha, known as Switzerland of Nepal is brimming with flock of tourists nowadays. The newly opened fish farm (pond) is now proving to be a new tourist destination.

[caption id="attachment_1171" align="alignnone" width="1000"]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After 2015's earthquake Jiri faced set back in the number of tourists visiting the place.  Now with the start of fish farm is now returning to beautiful phase.[/caption]

Baburaja Shrestha, owner of the fish farm gave the information that about 70 domestic tourists come to visit the farm on daily basis. Tourists tend to enjoy fishing and taste the varieties of fishes in the fish farm.

Along with the operation of fish farm the clear weather in Jiri is causing to increase the number of domestic tourists visiting it. The tourists visiting Jiri before was captivated by destinations like Animals Development Farm, Jireshwor Temple, schools and many more. But now their only destination is fish farm and ramite dadha.