Traditionally constructed infrastructures are robust, Archaeology Department

28th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Dec 28 : The Department of Archaeology has said the physical infrastructures (Mathha, temples and buildings) built with the mixture of traditional objects is stronger than the objects mixed with the concrete.
Talking to the National News Agency (RSS), Spokesperson of Department of Archaeology, Ram Bahadur Kunwar, said that the temples, resting places (Pauwa), Bihar and others that were built in traditional style still exist for 400 years.

[caption id="attachment_11428" align="alignnone" width="853"] National Archives at Department of Archaeology in Ramshah Path, Kathmandu[/caption]

He said that some temples and sattal in the capital city built with the classical style by using the traditional materials have not collapsed even in the earthquakes. Kunwar said the Department had taken the policy to protect the heritages developed by the ancestors without damaging their invaluable uniqueness.

The deadly Gorkha Earthquake 2015 caused damage to as many as 800 heritages of archaeological importance, it is said. And, 150 of them were completely damaged while remaining others witnessed partial damages.
According to the Department, it may take nearly six years to complete the construction of those heritages.