Travel organizers of Nepal introduce packages targeting festivals

22nd Sep, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: With the beginning of the tourism season, businesses are quickly bringing special tour packages with the occasion of various important festivals including Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath.

Since there are many people celebrating long vacations and also an increased tourism activity during festivals, the travels and tourism companies of Nepal are offering various attractive programs to draw customers.

In this context, Nature Retreat Tour and Travels has introduced a special tour package on occasion of the festivals to attract domestic as well as foreign customers.

Bringing diversity in their services, the company has informed that tourists going to domestic as well as foreign destinations will also be provided health services. Their five-day and seven-day tour packages will provide health services alongside enjoying different tourism locations.

The managing director of the company has informed that it introduced new tour packages in order to promote tourism internally as well as externally.

Tourists visiting abroad from Nepal will have health services provided from Thailand’s popular Sikarin Hospital. They will get treatment and complete check-up for nerve and bone-related issues. Foreign tourists on the other hand, will gain access to yoga, therapy, etc. said the company. It is selling these packages from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, all the way to Europe.

ME Tours and Travels at Lazimpat has also brought a different tour package to attract tourists. Included in their package are special discounts and offers to customers going to destinations in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe.

NRN Kamal Raj Adhikari, who has been operating a restaurant business in France, said that the company increased investment in Nepal’s tourism sector and brought new programs to attract special foreign tourists.

Adhikari, who is the President of the company, said that it has invested in Nepal’s farming, hospitality, and education sectors among others under Mount Everest Group.

The company aims to open hotel management and nursing colleges with the goal of producing international-level technical manpower. The biggest and most popular travel and tour companies are also bringing attractive offers to domestic and foreign customers going to various destinations.

Targeting the middle-class range, these holiday packages offer abroad visits at minimal costs. Business manager of Ledger Tour and Travels, Sujan Lama, said that it has offered tour packages to Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Egypt and Sri Lanka.

Ledger Travels, which had been offering packages to Europe and Asian countries previously, has offered tour packages to Bali in Indonesia, Egypt and Sri Lanka targeting the festival-time vacations.

Lama said that they are offering tour package to countries like Sri Lanka and Indonesia as people are beginning to look to newer destinations besides Thailand. Ledger Travels offers a stay of four nights and five days in Bali for Rs. 32,900.

The travel agency offers hotel stay as well as a dinner package in an A-grade cruise. There will also be a free pick-and-drop service while visiting various locations. The air ticket cost of going from Nepal to Bali, however, hasn’t been added to the package cost.

The customers will have their visas made available to them on arrival and free of cost. There is also a regulation that the customers will have to book their airline tickets and hotels beforehand.

Lama says that this package has been booked by 88 people till now. For those visiting Egypt, they also provide a tour package with accommodation for four nights and five days, as well as bed and breakfast.

Excluding the air travel cost, customers will be able to visit Egypt for four days at Rs. 32,900, said Lama. The agency has informed that those travelling to Egypt will have their visa available within three days with help from the embassy and advance ticket booking, said the agency. Within the Discovering Sri Lanka Tour Package of four nights and five days, customers will be able to visit cities like Kandy and Negombo, Lama explains. The plan, which includes service of visa on arrival, has been set at Rs. 35,600 per person excluding the air ticket cost.

Similarly, within the Negombo Paradise Beach Holiday Package of Sri Lanka, Nepali tourists will get seven nights, eight days of accommodation and bed and breakfast service while enjoying seaside locations at Rs. 28,900 excluding air ticket costs, informed Lama.

President Travels and Tours has created tour packages to Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Dubai for the Dashain and Tihar holidays, informed Market Executive Anuj Karki.  For a tour package of Malaysia and Singapore including accommodation, bed and breakfast plan, free visa, and free air fare between Malaysia and Singapore, the cost is set at Rs. 59,999 per person at a budget hotel and Rs. 64,999 per person at a three-star hotel, informed Karki.

Within this package, customers will get attractive opportunities of visiting Sentosa Island, night safari, Universal Studio, cable car ride, one day Sunway Lagoon Theme park trip, Kuala Lumpur tour, KL Tower ticket, and Twin Tower ticket said Karki.

Similarly, for a Dubai package with a four-day-night accommodation at a three-star hotel, round trip through Air Arabia, free visa, etc., Nepali tourists will be able to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Grand Masuk, Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi Water Park, Aquaventure and Lost Chamber, Dolphin Show, Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, Dubai Mall, Bollywood Theme Park among others, said the company’s market promoter Niti Shah.

Manager of Ace Travels, Raju Panta, said that there have been fewer people visiting abroad during Dashain and Tihar holidays this year as well as last year. Ace Travels, which had been offering outbound tours to Asia and European countries, is offering outbound tour packages only to Asian countries this year, said Panta.

Outbound tour packages to countries like Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia and locations like Bali have been aimed towards middle-class to high-class groups. Ace Travels offers the tour of four days and five nights with the service of air tickets, accommodation, and bed and breakfast.

Travelling to any one of the countries amongst those offered like Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, and Bali has been set to cost from 60,000 to 75,000 rupees per person, informed the company. The Dashain and Tihar holiday package has been booked to 80%, informed Panta.

Marketing Director of Orbit International Travels, Drosh Niraula, has said that tourists going for abroad visit have increased by 70%. Due to the low cost and ease in getting visa, places like Thailand, Singapore, Bali, China and Malaysia are favored by Nepalis, said Niraula. Abroad visit packages are designed as per customers’ budget, time, and demand, he said.

During this season, foreign tourists tend to flock to Nepal’s chief tourism destinations like Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini, and also set out trekking through various popular routes, while many Nepalis tend to go to popular destinations in Asia and Europe for their vacations. Businesses have been offering these packages according to the needs and demands of their customers.