Trekking route identified inside the Suklaphanta National Reserve

20th May, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KANCHANPUR, May 20: Three trekking route has been identified inside the Suklaphanta National Reserve. The national reserve identified the trekking route to encomporate eco- tourism.

The identified trekking routes are named as Piparaiya Barkaula, Malumela Rani taal and Arjuni Lalpani Badanikheda. "Three of the identified trekking route has length of 37.69 km each" Reserve's Chief Conservation Officer Bedkumar Dhakal said.

"The trekking route will increase the number of tourists which will gradually increase the source of income of people around," he added.

At the time of trekking trekkers can also get the glimpse of Tiger, Leopard, Entilopes, One -horned Rhino and other endangered and protected animals and birds.