Trekking sector beginning search for new trekking routes

7th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Aug 07: Interest groups associated with the trekking sector have started the search for new ideal trekking routes as more and more trekking routes are being overtaken by unorganized roadways. While more than 70% of tourists entering Nepal do so to engage in trekking and mountain tourism activities, the alarming expansion of unplanned roads has left the entire tourism industry at risk.

President of the Trekking Agencies of Nepal (TAAN) Western Regional Association, Deepak Raj Adhikari, said that the irresponsible expansion of roads not only increase the risk of natural disasters like land slides, but also affect the field of trekking tourism. TAAN Western Regional Association has started the search for ideal trekking routes after many of the existing trekking routes began to be overtaken by roadways.

TAAN Pokhara has identified a new trekking route that takes trekkers through Bhalam and Harihar Cave all the way to Kofuche Lake over a course of 10 days. The route is currently being mapped and will soon be brought into use, informed the organization. It has also discovered another trekking route that goes through Dangsing Mohoriya to Chemrok through Tadhapani, Dobat, etc. which takes 8 days to cover. This route is also being mapped currently. The disruption of the Annapurna Circuit, which lies in the 5th place of the top 10 best trekking routes in the world, has also been an issue of concern and the Annapurna Village Municipality has also made motions to identify and develop new alternative trekking routes.