Turkish Airlines introduces Special Fare and Extra Baggage Allowance for Nepali students

25th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 25: Turkish Airlines has introduced a Special Fare and Extra Baggage’s allowance offer for Nepalese Students travelling abroad. The airline is allowing students to get tickets at special fare and carry 3 piece luggages during their travel.

The flag carrier airline of Turkey issued a statement stating that students from Nepal travelling to different countries for their study using Turkish Airlines will be allowed to carry additional luggage at various destinations. Students traveling from Nepal to different destinations across Europe, USA and Canada can use the facility, announced the airlines.

The offer is available for tickets booked by students (12-32) or youths (12-25) confirmed by ID. Students travelling to USA from Kathmandu can avail this offer with valid Turkish Airlines FF Membership. The Baggage allowance for USA and Canada includes 3 piece luggage each weighing 23 kgs. Likewise for Europe, the total luggage is 30KG + 10 KG, the statement added.

This is sure to help students to carry necessary items in foreign country and the offer is likely to help the carrier equally as trend for studying abroad has grown rapidly in Nepali market.

Turkish Airlines had already marked its 4th Anniversary of scheduled flight operations between Istanbul and Kathmandu sector. The airline launched its schedule flights linking Turkey and Nepal on September 2, 2013 with four weekly flights. The frequency rose to five flights a day in 2017 due to the escalating flow of Nepalese Passengers’ and tourists.