Turkish Airlines Lunches Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System

27th Jun, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 27: Turkish Airlines has launched  "Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System". The flag carrier of Turkey has become the first user of this wireless in-flight entertainment system, that entirely developed by Turkish engineers in cooperation with Turkish Technic Inc., and Havelsan.

Passengers will be able to connect to this in-flight entertainment system, that will initially applied on the airline's 44 narrow body aircraft, which have no seatback screen, via their personal electronic devices. Putting it into practice will increase the proportion of Turkish Airlines fleet including in-flight entertainment system (AVOD) to 95%.

Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, M. İlker Aycı commented that; “We’re proud to be the first user of this national production "Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System", that developed for the first time in Turkey, by our sector leading subsidiary Turkish Technic Inc., and Havelsan. We believe that these kind of steps have great importance for the development of Turkish Civil Aviation.”

He continued to say; “We keep striving to make our passengers' entire journey more enjoyable with our passenger satisfaction focused approach. We are pleased to increase the availability of in-flight entertainment system in our fleet to 95% by launching this new system, which will enable our passengers to connect Wi-Fi network via their personal electronic devices, and display the media content, specially designed for this system.”

For being able to use the Wireless In-flight Entertainment System on personal devices (tablet, smartphone and notebook), the application named "Wi-Fi Entertainment" has to be installed on passengers’ smartphones before the flights. In addition to the mobile devices, passengers will also be able to use the Wireless Entertainment System on their laptops by using Google Chrome browser.

Through this Wireless In-flight Entertainment System, Turkish Airlines’ passengers are able to access to over 250 films, 700 TV Shows, 2.000 music album, 19.000 song, and more media content in addition to those all.

Related video can be seen via the following link; https://we.tl/Dge393PBfJ