Two swept rhinos spotted near Indo-Nepal border

6th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN: Two one-horned rhinos that were swept away in the monsoon-triggered flooding in Chitwan four months ago were recovered from a tiger reserve near the south border.

The rhinos were spotted in a place near Balmiki Tiger Reserve, around 25 kilometers away from the Nepal-India border.

After being informed about the recovery by the Reserve, a team from Chitwan National Park reached the site to take stock of the situation of the recovered rhinos.

“The spotted rhinos will be rescued within a few days,” said senior vet at the CNP Dr Kamal Gaire, adding that the domesticated elephants have been sent for the rescue.

Eight rhinos swept away in the flooding have already been rescued from Indian territory. Two other rhinos were killed in the disaster.