Two wild water buffaloes die after translocation

22nd Jun, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, June 22: Two wild water buffaloes translocated from the Central Zoo in Lalitpur to Chitwan National Park have perished.

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A total of 15 wild buffaloes locally called 'arna' were brought to the national park from the Zoo and from the Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve five months ago. A pair of wild buffaloes brought from the Zoo has died, Director General at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Man Bahadur Khadka said. The male died in a fight with another male while the female died of disease.

The park now has 13 wild water buffaloes left. The female wild buffalo died last Thursday while the male perished a week ago.

The translocation of the wild water buffaloes had taken place from January 27 to February 9 earlier this year, with the objective of increasing their population. The wild water buffaloes have been left in an enclosure spreading over 30 hectares in the park.