UNDP Appointed as a Supporting Partner of SATA Awards 2018

11th Sep, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 11: UNDP has signed up with the South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) as their supporting Partner.

The agreement was signed by UNDP Resident Coordinator, Ms. Shoko Noda and Director Communications of SATA, Mr. Mohamed Shamin Ali.

Speaking after the signing ceremony Ms.Shoko Noda mentioned to the media that it’s a great honour for UNDP to be a supporting partner of SATA and that UNDP will continue its role and assist in areas where professional support are required.


UNDP celebrates 40 years in the MALDIVES and Ms.Shoko Noda mentioned to media that it’s a great honor to be a supporting partner of SATA.


Mr.Shamin mentioned that a new category will be added with the consultation of UNDP to encourage in areas of industry and social development.


He mentioned that it’s a great honor to have UNDP as a supporting partner and SATA is privileged.