VITOF Election 2018: Basu Pandey panel

27th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 27: 33-year-old Basu Pandey, started his journey as a trekking guide. He has been engaged in the tourism sector since the past 15 years. He is currently working as General Secretary of VITOF and working in the Nepal Social Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.  He have been working to develop and promote the remote villages as tourism destinations by involving himself on Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal since last 4 years.

Pandey has brought together a strong roster of tourism entrepreneurs, each involved in the field of travel and tours or hotels, under his panel as he prepares for the upcoming VITOF election. He himself is running for the post of President as he hopes to take VITOF forward as per his own visions. Under him are 23 other candidates for different positions. Dhruva Simkhada is also a candidate for the post of President and is submitting his candidacy under the World Vision Travels and Touris Pvt. Ltd.

Dipak Dahal is a youth tourism entrepreneur from Dhading, formally trained as a lab technician. However, life took him through a different path after a four-day trek to Poon Hill with a French tourist inspired him to take up a career in Nepal’s tourism sector. The French national gave him a different perspective on the scope of tourism in Nepal, and soon after he followed in the family tradition and entered the tourism sector as an entrepreneur.

Similarly, Dipak Dahal and Krishna Bahadur Subedi have both submited Candidacy for First Vice-President, under the Live Nepal Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. and Unique Adventure International Pvt Ltd. respectively.

Gopal Thapa and Tara Lal Dharel are the Second Vice-President candidates under the Pandey panel, and they have submitted their candidacy under Leaf Holiday Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. and Nepal Hiking Trek Pvt. Ltd. respectively.

Deepak Khanal having started his journey as a porter, He is an owner of hotels and a travel and tour company. He has been engaged in the tourism sector of Nepal since the past 15 years. He worked as Joint Treasurer of VITOF for 2 years. He Participate in village tourism forum nepal since many year as normal guest in fam trip as active member since 8 years .Deepak Khanal and Jasfa Pandey are the candidates for General Secretary while 3 individuals Asutosh Pradhan, Navaraj Thapa, and Ishwor Bahadur Bogati are the candidates for the position of Secretary under Pandey. Similarly, Rajkumar Dhamala and Kul Prasad Subedi are the candidates for the post of Treasurer while Sakuntala Devkota and Umesh Danai are the candidates for the Vice-Treasurer position.

Pandey has included 9 candidates for the members' position, which includes Jivan Thapaliya, Chopendra Bahadur Khadka, Devi Krishna Rokaya, Depak Pangeni, Anil Silwal, Ram Mani Rijal, Saanta Kumar Baniya, Santosh Thapa, and Kedar Mani Khanal.