VITOF Election: Basu Pandey panel

29th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 28: Basu Pandey of the Village Tourism Promotion Forum (VITOF) Nepal has conducted a press meet on Saturday in order to introduce his panel for the upcoming VITOF election. The Basu panel also released its election agendas during the event.

The Pandey group has promised to bring each of the works and activities of the organization to fruition. The group has claimed that it is inclusive on all fronts including regional, ethnicity, and women's representation. The panel's agendas, which was presented by the presidential candidate Basudev Pandey, include conducting a full promotional program of a new village every two months, to bring rural tourism into the mainstream of national tourism activities, to establish a VITOF branch in each of the seven states and develop one village in each state as a model village, and to plan and conduct rural tourism promotional activities keeping the Tourism Year 2020 in mind.

Similarly, other plans include to develop an organized guideline to conduct homestay activities in collaboration with the central government, state government, tourism organizations, businesses, and villages and to gradually improve the quality of homestay services in the country; to give continuity to past and present programs and activities by VITOF Nepal with more effectiveness; and to focus on tourism promotion by collaborating with international tourism organizations.

The declaration also includes points like conducting different kinds of training activities in tourism-associated villages to make villagers more capable and self-dependent; to increase the number of VITOF members in Nepal to 999 within two years while improving on relations between VITOF Nepal and tourism entrepreneurs; to push for the Village Tourism Festival 2019 with collaboration with the government, tourism board, and tourism associations; to conduct international conferences on the subject of rural tourism, as well as cultural mega events; to develop digital rural tourism in Nepal; to bring homestay establishments under VITOF Nepal; and to promote and preserve the local art and culture.

The Basu panel members include Deepak Dahal as the First Vice-President candidate; Gopal Thapa for the Second Vice-President; Deepak Khanal for General Secretary; Asutosh Pradhan for Secretary; Raj Kumar Dhamala as the Treasurer; Sakundala Devkota for Vice-Treasurer and Jivan Thapaliya, Chopendra Bahadur Khadka, Devi Krishna Rokaya and Deepak Pangeni as the member candidates.