VITOF Nepal conducts post handover ceremony

14th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 14: Village Tourism Promotion forum of Nepal (VITOF Nepal) has conducted post handover ceremony on 13th August. VITOF Nepal recently had election program in which Dhurba Simkhada and his panel won the election. In the following ceremony the posts were handover to the 11 new working committee by the ex working committee.

In the ceremony Ram Sapkota former president of VITOF Nepal thanked his entire committee panel to be supportive and hoped that the new committee panel will give continuity to the ongoing yearly projects of VITOF Nepal and will also come up with new projects. He also requested the new panel to collaborate with the agendas of Basu Pandey and their panel.

The new formed committee will be serving for 2 years. The new formed committee  will be Dhurba Simkhada as President, Deepak Dahal as the First Vice-President,  Gopal Thapa as the Second Vice-President, Jusfa Pandey as General Secretary, Navaraj Thapa as Secretary, Rajkumar Dhamala as Treasurer , Sakuntala Devkota as Joint Treasurer and Jeevan Thapaliya, Devi Krishana Rokaya, Ram Mani Rijal, Santa Kumar Baniya as members.

Likewise, Board Member of Nepal Tourism Board, Deepak Mahat urged the new committee members to pay attention towards their agendas and to work for the promotion of tourism. He also congratulated the ex committee members for their excellent service.