VITOF Nepal: Simkhada panel releases policy statement

29th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 29: The Dhruba Simkhada panel has released its policy statement for the upcoming election at the Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal to take place on July 31. The Simkhada panel includes Krishna Bahadur Subedi as the First Vice-President Candidate, Tara Lal Dharel for Second Vice-President, Jasfa Pandey for General Secretary, Navaraj Thapa for Secretary, Kul Prasad K.C. for Treasurer, and Umesh Daini for Vice-Treasurer. The member candidates from the Simkhada panel are Kedar Mani Khanal, Ram Mani Rijal, Shantakurma Baniya, and Santosh Thapamagar.

The policy statement includes special collaboration with the local level for its activities with special attention to the three levels of government, to expand the VITOF organization to each of the seven states, to give continuity to the past works and projects of VITOF Nepal and to identify, develop, and promote new rural tourism destinations. The declaration also includes developing the homestay establishments in the Tamang Heritage Trail of Rasuwa and Tangting Hyajakot of Kaski into model homestay facilities, to focus on the development of homestay circuit trekking trails in rural areas in collaboration with NTB, TAAN, and NMA. Similarly, the declaration states plans for conducting programs to motivate villagers to establish homestay centers and associate them with VITOF Nepal for improved quality of services, and to promote the homestay facilities nationally as well as internationally through digital tourism.

The Simkhada policy statement also emphasizes working for developing agricultural tourism, promoting local culture, art, and foods in homestay facilities, conducting a national-level homestay festival each year in collaboration with government bodies, and solidifying the role of domestic tourists in the development of rural tourism.