Vivanta Kathmandu Hotel to organize 'Trial of Kabab' festival

15th Jul, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU: Vivanta Kathmandu hotel, situated at Lalitpur, Jhamsikhel is going to organize 'Trial of Kabab' festival for all Kabab lovers. This festival will be organized from 19th July-28th July. People visiting the festival will get an opportunity to taste 10 different varieties of Kabab.

Kabab is a special king of meat item and usually meat is goat, sheep and chicken is used to prepare this dish. Vivanta hotel is going to introduce the old traditional taste of Kabab and it will cost 1,500 rupees to taste the foods and additional 500 will be charged while consuming alcohol.

Vivanta Kathmandu Hotel has organized this festival  during the high arrival of Indian Tourists and they have been positive towards the participation of both Nepali and Indian tourists in this festival.