VNY 2020 Secretariat organized a seminar on promotion of Spiritual Tourism

5th Nov, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov 05: VNY 2020 Secretariat organized a seminar on November 4 to interact about the promotion of Spiritual Tourism for VNY 2020. During the seminar, various experts and professionals who are working towards developing and promoting spiritual areas like Sri 1009 Swami Ramananda Giri, Dr. Arun K Subedi, Prof. Nawaraj Kattel, and Dr. Rudra Mishra “Dhurbashree” among others. 

An introductory presentation about the Spiritual Tourism for VNY 2020 was done by Dr. Basudev Krishna Shastri, who is also a member of the Programme Implementation Sub-Committee. During his presentation, he talked about how Nepal has been known as a holy place since ancient times and shed a light on Karnali-Narayani-Koshi Path Circuit, Shiva Shakti Mahayagya, Research Seminar on Eastern Spirituality, Shiva Shakti Circuit and so on. Following Dr. Shashtri, Sri 1009 Swami Ramananda Giri then presented about KrishnaGandaki Circuit where he talked about the importance of the river Gandaki, Shaligram Pilgrimage, and how VNY 2020 can boost the spiritual tourism by promoting the circuit. 

After the presentations, the members of the audience gave their two cents on developing spiritual tourism in Nepal. Prof. Nawaraj Kattel shared his experience of Pilgrimage in India and talked about the services that should be provided for the pilgrims. Similarly, Dr. Arun K Subedi talked about how Nepalis should promote the indigenous community, sites, and sects like Vajrayana while talking about spirituality. Similarly, Mr. Chiranjibi Dhakal, President of World Hindu Federation’s UK Chapter also shared about how promoting spiritual tourism can target non-Nepalis who follow the eastern religions, who might not understand the language but is very close to the culture.

While the seminar was hosted by Mr. Dambar Sunuwar, Section Office at VNY 2020, it ended with the closing remark and vote of thanks by the Acting Undersecretary, Rajan Poudel.