Wanna see rhinos? Kumroj in Chitwan can be the best destination for you

28th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, Nov 28 : The Kumroj village here in Inner Terai of Nepal has become the major destination for the Rhino enthusiasts. The tourists are being dragged to the area as the community forest here has been the major residence for the rhinos.

[caption id="attachment_10778" align="alignnone" width="960"] Photo: Prem Rimal[/caption]

“The number of tourists visiting the area has hiked as tourists are lured by the frequent spotting of the rhinos while touring the community forest. On the weekends and holidays the number of tourists visiting the area sores to about Three Hundred,” Secretary of the Kumroj Community forest Bharat Prasad Nepal said.

The Kumroj Village is some 5 Kilometers North-East from Sauraha. It lies in the area of the Chitwan National Park’s Eastern Sector which now is the home to 5 to 7 rhinos.

The community forest in the area also is regarded as the best place for animal sight- seeing as it is home to Tiger, Elephant, Bear, Peacock and others. Keeping the flow of tourists on mind Jeep and Elephant Saphari are introduced in the place and two Machan also are set up for the over-night stay.

The Nepali tourists who wish for the Jeep Safari are charged Nrs. 50, SAARC citizens are charged Nrs. 100 and Foreign National are charged Nrs. 200 for taking the service. The jeep safari goes around 18 Kilometers of the Jungle.

With the introductions of multiple facilities the number of tourists visiting the area is expected to rise. In previous year the number of tourists visiting the place stood at 50 Thousand and the hopes of its increment is high this year.

“We have been earning 7-8 Million rupees every year from the visit of the tourists and we are expending for the upliftment of the locals in and around the place,” Secretary Nepal said.