Wastes piles up in Dhaulagiri Base Camp

12th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 12 : Expedition hazards are increasing in the Dhaulagiri Base Camp which has decreased the beauty of the area.

One of the top 10 highest peaks in the world Mt. Dhaulagiri has its base camp in Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality-4, Mudi where the trekkers and the expeditors have been dumping their wastes from years.

With the increasing trend of dumping the waste in the area, the Round Dhaulagiri Youth Club has requested the concerned authorities to take mitigated measures to resolve the issue.

“W have made oral and written request to Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality and District Co-ordination Committee dragging attention over the issue but they have not responded till now,” President of the Club, Dil Pun said.

“The guides are polluting the base camp by littering all over,” Pub blamed. This year only the club for three times requested the expeditors and the guides not to litter around. The tourists coming over the area also has started complaining about the increasing pollution in the area.

“Tourists arriving in the base camp question us over the garbage here. They often say that they are here to see the mountains not the heap of garbage’s but the guides who come along with them are increasing the hazards and also the expediters,” Puna Bahadur Purja, Treasurer of the Club said.

The garbage’s which are dumped in the area mainly constituent clothes, gas cylinders, carries, glass bottles, rubber and iron utensils, Tiffin boxes and plastics.