Water mover machine used to remove encroaching plants in Bishajari Lake

21st May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

CHITWAN, May 21: The water mover machine has been used for the first time to remove the encroaching plant species from the Bishajari Lake which lies along the bio-corridor inside the Tikauli woods in Chitwam. The lake is enlisted in the World Ramsar sites.

The machine was developed by Nepali engineers with an investment of Rs 600,000 provided by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). A month-long test-run of the machine was successfully concluded on Sunday and the machine was handed over to the local consumers committees at Barandabhar and Mrigakunja which are working on lake conservation.
WWF America vice-president Roberto Troya handed over the file related to the transfer of the machine to Devraj Sapkota and Basu Dhungana, the presidents of the two consumers committees, respectively.
Engineers who had graduated from Pulchowk Engineering College developed the machine after three months' unrelenting efforts.
On the occasion, Troya hoped that the machine would be very useful in cleaning the lake by removing the encroaching species of plants in the lake.
The lake has now started looking cleaner with the employment of the water remover machine which can remove one ton of weeds in a single use. The lake which is spread over 32 hectares is considered important especially for birds, rhinos, tiger, spotted deer, antelope, deer and crocs. Numbers of tourists visiting the lake has also been going up over the last few years.