Welcome to Gai Jatra Festival

25th Jul, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 25: Gai Jatra is a festival involving the remembrance of the dead, by enjoying a day of singing, dancing and joy. It began during King Pratap Malla's rule as a way to comfort the queen's grief of losing her son. People, mainly children, from families with deceased members, dress up as cows and travel through the city where bystanders provide food and money to them.

To enjoy this festival, Aarya Village Travel(AVT) is organizing an event on 12th August at Hotel Heritage, Bhaktapur. The event will be from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. It will begin with a presentation regarding the origin and importance of Gai Jatra. Then there will be live preparation of cultural snacks leading to the main event of the Stick dance (Dande Nach). It will close with a classic newari feast with the guests (more than 25 already confirmed) staying overnight at the venue. The entry fees will be $25 per person. The deadline for booking tickets is 7th August.

Nepal has a seasonal approach to tourism where the industry isn't focused during monsoon and winter season due to lack of Trekking and Mountaineering activities. AVT aims to convert this half yearly tourism (March-May and September-November) into a year-long format. AVT
believes "Nepal is more than mountains" and wants to accentuate the cultural and traditional side of Nepal. They first did this event in 2019, to about 30 guests where the guests were very happy with a look into the old, unique lifestyle and culture of Nepali people. Due to covid, they could not continue this event but they are now offering it for 2022. AVT believes that the hidden potential of Nepal is being overshadowed by the focus on the hills and mountains and wants to glorify Nepal's name by revealing the hidden customs of its people.